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CBET for LED lighting
What is CBET ?

CBET stands for (Lighting) Color & Brightness enhancement Technology.

The light-efficiency (LPW, lumen/W) and the lighting color quality

(CRI, color rendering Index) of the LED lamps can be significantly

improved with CBET. Sol Component Co. , Ltd. has started

the development of CBET since 2009 and the commercialization of

CBET has been started from August 2012.

CBET is proprietary technology of Sol Component Co. , Ltd.

with multiple patent rights.

Currently, the blue light from blue LED chip is converted to the white light

using phosphor in a white LED package. So, The light efficiency (lumen/W) of the white

LED falls down using more phosphor for lower color temperature light.

Correlated to the above issue, if color rendering index (CRI) ,

which is the one of the most important features of the lighting quality, is increased the light

efficiency also falls down. Because of this reason the most LED lighting lamp’s CRI is between

70 ~ 80 whereas the incandescent and halogen lamp’s CRI is 100,

which is close to the natural sun light.

Using CBET , LED lamps can have the industry’s best light-efficiency(20~50)% higher than the conventional

LED lamp’s and CRI(90~98) for the lighting color temperature range between 6500K and 2500K.

Lighting Color Temperature chart
Comparison of the object under the lighting system with good and bad CRI
What is LCEO?

LCEO stands for Lighting Color Enhancement Optical-element.

LCEO is the core-optical part of the CBET made of novel optical material.. LCEO modulates

the white light from the LED Package allowing CBET LED light-engine to have the best light efficiency

and the best CRI in the industry.

LCEO has the following characteristics based on the novel optical material and manufacturing processes

developed by Sol Component Co., Ltd.:

  • Durability against high temperature, high humidity, and high flux of light (lightfastness) suitable for LED lighting systems
  • UL compliance for LED lighting products
  • Low-cost optical element suitable for LED lighting products

CBET Configuration and Applications for LED Lighting Lamps

The followings are the applications of CBET for LED lighting with the best lighting perfotmance

In terms of the light-efficiency and the CRI.

  • LED Downlight
  • Incandescent Replacement LED Lamp
  • Fluorescent Lamp Replacement LED Lamp
  • MR/PAR/BR/R Type LED Lamp
  • Flat Panel LED Lamp (Troffer LED Lamp)
Example of the Configuration of LED Down-light with CBET
LED Down-light Prototype Using CBET
Example of MR Type LED Lamps with CBET
Example of the configuration of the
incandescent replacement LED lamp with CBET
CBET Performance & Technical Key Points

CBET Technical Key Points

1. Industry best light efficiency, LPW (Lumen/W) can be achieved, 30% ~ 50% higher than the conventional LED lamps

2. Industry best CRI (Color Rendering Index). CRI 90 ~ 98 can be achieved.

LPW Performance Comparison Table, CBET LED Light-engine Vs. Conventional LED Light-engine

* LPW is based on the LPW from the LED packages from the major LED makers in the 1’st half of 2012

CRI Performance Comparison - CBET LED Light-engine Vs. Conventional LED Light-engine
CCT 3,000K, LPW 90 lumen/W lamp

Red-line : CBET LED Light-engine, CRI ~ 94

Blue-line : CREE LED Light-engine, CRI ~ 91 ( the current industry best)

Green-line : Conventional LED Light-engine, CRI ~ 80

CBET for the Better Performance & Manufacturing Cost Saving

- Customer Values

- Customer Value – Technical & Product-wise: Customers can make the LED lighting products with

 the industry best performance for product differentiations.

- Using CBET, LED lighting products can have 30% ~ 40% higher LPW comparing to the conventional

 LED lighting products and the industry best CRI

- Customer Value – Manufacturing Cost Saving : Number of LEDs can reduced using CBET Customers

 can save the manufacturing cost reducing the number of LED packages based on the higher LPW

 performance of CBET light-engine.